How energy-bodies you’ve never heard of can ruin your life!

The conditions and states of energy-bodies have a significant effect on ones life, health, and happiness etc. But which energy-bodies are we talking about?

Most people have heard of chakras, kundalini, meridiens, Astral-body, Etheric-double and auras, and maybe some less well-known systems such as the Kalachakra. Due to the recent research by the Peak-States team, some people might now be familiar with the Triune-brain-system as an energy-body (and indeed it is a very significant one).

But there are a LOT of other energy-bodies that are almost unknown in the world today, and these can have a huge impact on your life . . .

For example, I was working with a client recently, helping him apply Deep-Clearing and other effective spiritual and self-development approaches to things he wanted to improve in life.

One of his conditions was fear and likelihood of panic attacks. Having a quick glance (with direct “spiritual” awareness) I was able to identify two of the energy-bodies that were significant causes of these problems.

One of them was a problem which is all too common, and is responsible for a lot of “mental problems”. This is Main-Eshu (Eshu is the Chaos on the lower end of things, out of which life, manifestation and power arise) rising too high in the body. The usual cause of this is lack of presence in the Brains (Triune-brain system, an energy-body with six main components) as a whole system.

When there is enough presence in that system, Main-Eshu is kept from rising above its correct position which is connecting no higher than an inch or so above the base of the spine (the center of the connection is lower than that).

But if the Brains are weak or damaged in some way, Main-Eshu can rise up into the body. If it rises into the heart-brain area, this typically causes panic attacks. If it rises as high as head-Brain, this is known as “insanity” (because there is Chaos where fixed rational data is expected), and is the real cause of the condition of around 80% of people in insane asylums in the world today.

Another energy-body causing this client to be in a state of fear, was damage to the Warriors. This energy-body should have a powerful energy-shield behind the back. If this is damaged or weak then energies which should not be are getting into other areas of the body-systems, and can cause all kinds of problems as well as fears.

A different part of the same body-system, which should be reaching into a representation of the future, he also had damaged and he said that he felt that “he had no future”.

This client also had damage to the outer three of the largest set of auras, which was also causing fears and other problems. In his case, the majority of the damage to these, and other energy-bodies, was his use of drugs. The resultant problems with energy-bodies were having a very significant impact on his life, but with effective processing all this can be fixed, and one can be freed from the unwanted conditions.

The ongoing research into energy-bodies (by myself and Max), is producing lots of fascinating and valuable data, and there will be lots of updates to :

over the next few weeks (catching up releasing data from research already done), and then on an ongoing basis.

For example there is an energy body which is responsible for the majority of emotional reactions, and this can be changed. There are also other energy-bodies relevant to success or failure, and many more.

There is also a lot of data being discovered in other areas of spiritual and advanced self-development research and this will be released on my other website :

which also contains suggestions of how you can learn to use some of the effective advanced self-development and spiritual technologies that have resulted in this new data, and at some stage in your progress you’ll be able to apply these technologies to improving the condition of your energy-bodies (if you want help doing so, see details of Spiritual and self-development services by Chris and Max).

For anyone who wishes to be informed as these updates are released, as well as about future blog posts on relevant topics, please sign-up to my mailing-list (you can join at the top right on either of the above websites).


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  1. I have been partially aware of this for some time and tried to eliminate case unsuccessfully. I will be very interested in following your research.

    1. Thanks Trent! Glad my comments were of use.

      Lots more info on energy-bodies, and other topics coming soon as I get time to do additions and updates to these sites.

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