Why Feng Shui is not Feng Shui – Spirituality: Map vs. Territory.

How does a person learn to be a “Feng Shui practitioner”? . . . by reading books about which physical arrangements of objects “should” result in what flows of Chi, and how to add other objects to change the Chi flows etc.

Real Feng Shui would be based on experiencing the actual flows of Chi in a specific location.

I’m using Feng Shui as an example of “spiritual practice” using an entirely theory-based approach, but it’s just one example of many . . .

Christians talk about Yeshua (who they call “Jesus”) pulling down the Holy Spirit onto a human head thus changing that person, but if you take them to a crowded place you’ll find they cannot tell you which human bodies have such a Placed-spirit, and which don’t.

Last year I was walking past a stall where Kundalini Yoga was being advertised. One of the “practitioners” started explaining how my life would be better if I learned how to start getting my Kundalini to arise, yet she had zero awareness of the reality that my Kundalini was already 2 stages further developed than what that organization called “fully awakened Kundalini” (for details on that, see the Kundalini page).

Many “spiritual” belief-systems desire the upper-pole of things and try to deny, suppress or ignore the lower-pole, without realizing that the two poles are fundamentally two halves of the same thing (and the lower-pole is what provides the power and manifestation for the existence of the upper).

The difference between a theory of what “should” be, and the reality of what is, cannot be underestimated.

As Korzybski realized (here’s the Wikipedia page on Map-territory relation), the word is not the thing, and many people confuse the model with the reality. In many forms of “spirituality” in the world today, there is no attempt at observed reality at all . . . theory of what “should be” is all that exists for them.

Yet it is possible to find some examples of genuine spiritual reality . . .

a Tai-Chi Master I’ve learned with, when lying on his back on the ground, can touch the ankle of a person with one finger, and that person collapses on the ground.

One person re-researched an existing “spiritual development system” (removed about 500 errors) and used the results to change himself, (and 13 others) to states far beyond what most people consider possible (you’ll learn about this system, and how to do it yourself, if you use my suggested route into advanced-self-development / spirituality).

And you can easily experience for yourself the effects of energy-work by some of the real practitioners.

Or better yet, do the necessary work (see below) and have direct “spiritual” awareness yourself, so spirituality is a reality for you, not merely a theory which you believe.

Of course, some of the spiritual practices used today are (distorted and reduced versions of) what the beginning stages of earlier systems would have been, but with all the misinterpretation involved (and other factors such as the current trend for people wanting “instant” results with almost no effort), few people today are using such systems to get far enough to have real awareness of “spiritual” areas.

The basic concept of Deep-clearing is a simple one . . . what gets in the way of your direct spiritual awareness is “spiritual charge” (on various non-ideal structures), so all that is necessary is to get some of that erased, and ones awareness is already there . . . no theory needed, just observe spiritual reality for yourself.

This website contains information on how you can use effective and efficient methods for removing “spiritual charge” and other non-ideals to get real improvements in your states and conditions. See our Index for details (lots more info coming soon . . . sign-up for the mailing-list (top right of this page) to be informed of additions and updates to these websites).



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