About us :

Chris has done about 17+ years of practical self-development processing and is the originator of the term “awareness based clearing”.

Chris started this lifetime aware of, and frustrated by, the gap between his experienced conditions and the potential for ideal conditions. This led him to investigate areas including science, psychology, Neuro-linguistic Programming (which he is qualified in) and philosophy, eventually finding certain self-development and “spiritual” modalities that enabled him to start making the progress he was seeking.

Chris is an initiated Shaman, has the Ifa, makes effective use of magick and practical clearing techniques from other times and planets, and has over 17 years of experience of Clearing work, including inventing numerous effective Clearing processes and discovering much significant data (including full details of the Matrix of building-blocks of the universe above this one).

As well as spiritual and self-development work, Chris is also an accomplished musician/composer (having been leader/principle of the number one youth orchestra in the UK at age 18), visual artist, and designer involved in a number of projects including radically-innovative product design, best-selling performance art and the number-one computer-game of the year (’97). He obtained A grades in Masters Degree courses in a range of different subjects from high-adventure and meta-physics to music-technology and fine art, and was doing PhD-level research (inventing fractal sound-synthesis) during his Degree.

Max : see http://maxsandor.com