This is a specific type of non-ideal, used to excuse and justify things, and as automatic fixed-data (acting somewhat like a mask) used to contact an environment that one is unwilling to contact directly.

Excuses-and-justifications are used to form “right and wrong”, which are unrelated to correct and incorrect (which is about whether data matches reality).

Excuses-and-justifications are also used in relation to survival and domination, and any of these can be Reversed, so someone who is making themselves “wrong” is using an Excuses-and-justifications.

Clearly seeing how oneself is using Excuses-and-justifications for right/wrong, dominate/succumb and survival is a good start with processing them. Ideally (as with all types of non-ideals) one will also see and erase the structure of the specific Excuses-and-justifications itself, which is what it IS (rather than what it does).

The structure of any Excuses-and-justifications is a set of linked-points. It will also usually link to other types of non-ideals, such as specific incidents used to justify that it is “right”. It is for this reason that it is more efficient to process Excuses-and-justifications relating to an incident, before processing the incident itself, since the Excuses-and-justifications can hold an incident in place (or re-create it after it is erased) for their own use.

A Meme is an Excuses-and-justifications used by a Morphic-field.

There is a specific sub-type of Excuses-and-justifications which has the exact structure A+B=C, where A and B are pairs of Matrix-items, and C is a single Matrix-item (typically one of the survive’s). Other Excuses-and-justifications can have any structure.