Note that this page is about use of Higher-self as an “ability” (which Real-i would still have even without a body). For information on the energy-body which is a connection to Higher-self (aka. Ori, Holy Spirit), see here.

A specific Spirit, such as the spirit of a house, has access to all the information pertaining to that specific subject. Higher-self can be seen as all-spirits, thus having access to all correct data.

Higher-self can be seen as a specific one of the 16 Levels of the infinite-life-universe (although when Real-i looks senior to that universe, it is clear that the “ability to use Higher-self” is really the fundamental awareness of Real-i itself, since it works just the same senior to the infinite-life universe where its definition can be seen as a special case that one can later deny). In universes below that, Higher-self appears to have a specific location that can be connected to.

When one starts to use Deep-clearing, most of the processes will ask for something specific to work with, for example “show me an incident that I can comfortably face”. Usually, when such a question is asked, there will be an answer, which is typically what was asked for (although as a beginner, there might occasionally be other items placed in between oneself and what one asked for which function to keep from awareness of the item requested . . . these blocking items can be erased and one will then have contact with what was asked for).

The part of “you” which provides correct results to such requests, can be called “Higher-self”.

One of the most valuable things one can do to aid ones progress with advanced self-development and “spiritual growth”, is to improve ones relationship with Higher-self, so that one can get answers more cleanly and quickly in a wider range of areas.

Ultimately, in the absence of non-ideals, Higher-self would give instant correct data on anything.

Here’s a process for getting to the location of Higher-self:

Prerequisites include the ability to See Thoughts-Mind for real, to take an external viewpoint to it and to command it effectively.

1) Command Thoughts-Mind to point to its origin.

2) The result of that will be a specific energy-field. Command that to point to its origin.

3) The result of that is Higher-self. (a small percentage of people might have other steps in between, but this process will work for most people).

Methods of improving ones relationship with Higher-self include cleaning the mechanical connection-line energy-body (if the connection-line has gaps, blockages or additions such as side-branches in it this will decrease the effectiveness of ones ability to receive data from Higher-self, so those non-ideals should be erased). This can be done both starting from ones own body location and cleaning the connection upwards, and starting from Higher-self (see the process above) and cleaning the connection downwards from there to the head.

One can also think of it like a human relationship and choose to validate whatever data is obtained.

One of the main factors when starting to use Higher-self is to learn to distinguish it from Thoughts-Mind, since the data from Thoughts-mind is typically incorrect and are at best symbols rather than reality that Higher-self can link directly to.