The Ifá is a little-known (and hugely mis-understood by most) African system of spirituality and magick (although it can be considered the “mother” of Vodun (aka. “Voodoo”), which is better known).

Ifá data includes data on personality-types (archetypes) which are maybe the most significant influence on personality including body-shape and sexual orientation etc. Our research into advanced work on these systems includes the possibility of becoming free of the limitations of a personality, and having access to the advantages of all of them.

The Ifá includes the data and initiations of the Physical-universe Matrix (i.e. the building-blocks of the “reality” behind what current science sees the effects of), as well as higher-self and the chaos out of which creation arises, which are fundamental forces of the reality we are in, and thus very valuable to have relationships with (a real initiation is an introduction to a Spirit, forming a relationship).

Most people are familiar with Yin and Yang, which are the level of 2 of the Matrix, and Tao which is the level 1. But, useful though they are in principle, those are not the levels which are actually used to build the reality we find ourselves in . . . the relevant levels are 8, 16 and 32 which the Ifá uses.

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