Magick-universe Matrix


Use or misuse of the information presented here can be dangerous. It is advised to have considerable experience with the Physical-universe Matrix before attempting to contact any of the Magick-universe Matrix items (see Ifá)

Level-of-36 :-

Note the groupings are deliberate (groupings of 2’s).

motion, energy-field, separation

reaching, balancing (producing a standing wave mimicking a static which might be condensing / expanding  / “fielding” instead), withdrawing


nothing, spirit-body (owned energy-field), everything

awareness, light, life


character (personality) of beingness, size (scope, connections?) of beingness-manifested, form (structure) of beingness-manifested

pattern of vibrational relationships for :- particle (micro), creation-by-a-being (macro-creation), and universe (whole-system).


extacy (joy of unspecific manifestation of creation), knowing functional-action, result (fulfillment)

death (as a positive, completion), peace (serenity of here-now-ness), certainty (of relation of sequences of templates over a time-track)


power of fulfilling goals (created but un-manifested patterns of results), existence of manifested goal-fulfillments, dissolution of goal

understanding of structure and sequence for function, aesthetics of functionality, achievement in functionality+aesthetics


flow into manifestation (from formless existence), forms (structures) of manifested things, re-use of the unformed-existence for new manifestations

success (joy) of unmaking, formless void, potential for creation (the alive urge of almost-creations ready to manifest)


Level of 6 :-

flow of manifestation into creation-templates

aesthetics of creation

form (structure) of creation

beingness (character) of creation

space/time location (and relationships) of creation

void with potential, from which creations arise

Level of 3




The level of 3 together = Havingness

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