Morphic Fields

Interaction between more than one being, results in additional structures.

A simple process (which most people could run after only a few years experience with Deep-Clearing work) illustrates this :

If you place an object into your “imagination” (personal-universe), such as an apple, that will stay there while your attention is on it, but will (for most people) cease to exist as soon as you put your attention on something else.

If you then place the same object out in front of you (in your personal-universe), and also place, beyond that (in your personal-universe) another “self” (this can be a copy of a person you know, or a constructed self) that is different from yourself, and you look at the object and you get that other self to look at the object both at the same time, then if you take your attention off the object you will observe that you don’t have to place the object there again when you look back at it, because it is still there.

You might also be able to observe that as well as the object, there is also a partially-opaque field below it (this might be seen as a white-ish cloudy volume below the object). This is the Morphic-field, formed by two (or more) different beings viewing any existence. This Morphic-field then keeps that object in place, without the attention of either being that was viewing the object.

Morphic-fields (MF’s) are extremely significant, because what we call “reality” in this universe is really formed by MF’s, i.e. what being Agree exists (some of the beings involved are far senior to a typical human).

There are many different levels of MF’s, including the levels that project the existence of “physical reality” itself, as well as other levels which are the majority of the existence of a society or group.

MF’s are somewhat in competition with each other, and like to recruit more members and become more powerful. Almost all communication between humans, is really MF’s marketing themselves to recruit new members (although other levels of interaction do exist and are occasionally used).

A Meme is an excuse-&-justification used by a MF.

As well as the above process whereby a MF is formed, there are processes whereby one can rapidly join any MF, cleanly leave one (without any negative repercussions), and erase one . . . this requires acting as the pair of beings who own this Physical-universe, because MF’s are hierarchical in nature, so an object you place in your “imagination” (personal-universe) is already owned by the universe itself as you create it (because the space you place it into is already owned by the universe).

That’s some basic data on MF’s. More data and processes on this, and many other topics, will be added as this website grows.