Spiritual / self-development Services

Chris and Max offer a wide variety of spiritual and self-development services, many of them unique:

Chris currently offers a “spiritual survey” for $150 (or a more in-depth analysis for $450). You can ask for this to focus on any particular area(s) that you want to know about (such as things in your life that you have challenges with currently), or a general look at your spiritual condition, with practical suggestions for improvement.

This valuable service can save you lifetimes of work, enabling you to find much more efficient and effective ways forward, as it is based on real, direct observation of your current conditions, and the reality of what can help you progress more easily and effectively. This “survey” can be done for a business or organization, or for an individual human (or any Spirit).

Chris can also do removal of “bad spirits” (including ghosts and spirits stuck onto someone’s body, etc.). This includes removal (or erasure) of Aje, Targs etc. (Prices dependent upon the nature of the spirit, and the work is done remotely).

For details / questions, email chris@energy-bodies.org

Max offers a wide variety of spiritual / self-development workshops, and individual coaching in person or by Skype.

Max can offer guidance on which of his many processes is the best fit for your needs at this time, and/or you can start with a spiritual-survey from Chris (see above) to highlight ways forward which can then be implemented with personal help from Max.

For more details of how Max can help you, contact Max at http://maxsandor.com

Here are a few of Max’s spiritual / self-development services :

Groups (hands-on Workshops):

  • Your Personal Archetype: Recognizing your own and other’s Human Archetypes- an eye-opening workshop that changes completely one’s perception and evaluation of ‘games people play’. Based on the Ifá (African) archetypology which is structural identical to the Triune Brain concept but equipped with a vast repository on real-life examples of human behavior
  • Vibes Applied: recognizing and changing “vibes” instantaneously in yourself and others, a revolutionary yet simple method to get in control of emotions, attitudes, and motivation
  • The Course: How to take definite control of your life


Businesses and Organizations . . . 
through interactive group work using Sandor’s Skywork (“teamShape”) constellations:
  • team spirit creation and maintenance
  • change management
  • departmental alignments and improving communication channels
  • particle/energy flows within and around the organisational structure
  • early detection of changes in market trends and anticipation of new paradigms,
  • election results forecasts with an astounding success rate

through strategical tools for the owner using Ifá energy assessment methods:

  • Business Analysis and Prognosis: creating an energy flow model of the current and emerging conditions of stake holders, staff, clients, and market movements. resulting in precise recommendations to cope with any detected deficiencies or challenges.
Individual Spiritual Coaching:
  • Epigenetic Tuning & Reprogramming – eliminating negative influences of ancestors (DNA/Epigenetics), program yourself to have positive qualities as if you were born with them (first delivered in 2014)
  • Girapoli I-IV: an efficient and deep depolarization method opening the path to long forgotten happiness and spiritual powers (delivered since 2005)
  • Quantum Fá – an initiation path into Ifá which accelerates spiritual progress significantly when done in parallel with processing (administered since 2001)
  • Power Program – a 3 month spiritual power coaching package with the goal to get the client to the point of becoming free of depending on coaches, ‘gurus’, or advisers of any kind (since 2009)
  • Reset!Restart!Go! – 10 days full-immersion to completely restart a life (only available in Brazil).

For more details of how Max can help you or your business/organization, contact Max at http://maxsandor.com