Definition: A Universe is an area with a single set of overall rules for how “reality” works.

The universe we most obviously are aware of being in is one of a chain of universes (there are other chains, and other branches to this chain).

Universes in this Chain: (Chris either discovered the data presented here or verified it by direct observation) . . .

(awareness of Real-i, which is no different senior to this position as junior to it)
Support structures
Binary universe-chain container (top)
Support structures
U1__ More/Less
U2__ Circuits
U3__ Knots
U4__ Relationships between structures
U5__ Groups formed
U6__ Groups broken and re-welded
U7__ Extreme duplication and connections
U8__ Darkness of all-connected
U9__ Re-assertion of individual volition
U10__ Creation networks
U11__ Stacked cycles
U12__ 2 Levels
U13__ Democracy
U14__ Universe forming algorithms
U15__ Scales
U16__ Pairs of similars
U17__ Pairs of opposites
U18__ Non-caused-creation
U19__ Infinite-Life
U20__ Action as groups then indirect action
U21__ Action via structures
U22__ Magick
U23__ Physical (universe we are most obviously located in)
U24__ Mudd
U25__ Below-Mudd
U26__ Bottom
Bottom of chain container
(support structures).


Support structures: some of these are outside the chain-container, some inside it, and determine the fact that this chain of universes is based on the binary principle, as well as other support-structures used in the chain of universes.

Binary universe chain container: this contains the “Substrate” in which all the universes are formed. The Substrate has the properties of Will as a flow into a chain of creation-templates (the result of which is creation), and Awareness which is the corresponding back-flow of the same thing.

There are many other universe-chains parallel to this one, most using different principles (not binary). Since from the Substrate, one can see each universe as a finite structure, the “infinities” within universes are not really unlimited, but can be seen as mere definition tricks (such as where-ever you are now create another level beyond that).


Notes on specific universes:

1) More/Less. This universe has no structural boundary, and consists simply of the option of creating along a scale of more-creations or less-creations and thus defines the difference between infinite (more can be extended indefinitely) and finite (less will end when all creations have been dis-created).

2) Circuits. This adds circular and other structures to the linear scale of more/less.

7) Extreme duplication and connections. The game here is to have the most powerful energies, and this eventually results in linking to other universe-chains and other structures outside this universe, resulting in extreme polarities.

11) Stacked cycles. This universe stacks repetitive applications of power-building cycles, thus increasing the power-level each time, resulting in what could be called “super-exponentials” which are used in the top half of the next universe down.

12) Two Levels. There is a one-way boundary in the middle of the universe, so once a being has decayed to the point that they can no longer function in the top half, they fall down to the bottom half and cannot get back up to the top half (unless they process off relevant aberrations). The top half uses the Super-exponentials created in the 11th universe, and beings in the bottom half use only the unwanted back-flows from what the big beings in the top half are doing.

13) Democracy. This universe gets things done by averaging the aims of groups of individuals.

14) Universe-forming algorithms. The algorithms formed here create all the universes below here. There are lots of other sub-chains of universes parallel to the one we are most familiar with.

15) Scales. Everything here is continual gradations. (There are a large number of different universes parallel to this one).

18) Non-caused-creation. This universe has a specific new creation-mechanism in the middle of it: where creation forms on a flow between Nothingness-with-potential-to-create and¬†Everything-already-created then the cycle is completed and the creation is dis-created again. The game in the top half of this universe is creation with policed consideration of other’s creations.

While in some ways this universe does not define itself as having a bottom, the lower end of what is in this universe rather than another one can be called “god-the-creator” who places creations below its own level and falls down as those creations in order to manifest them into the universes below. This is the most senior level that most well-known religions seem to have some degree of approximate awareness of. (There are many universes and other sub-chains parallel to this one).

19) Infinite-Life. This is an infinite (win-win) game, i.e. the point of the game is to keep the game continuing (every universe below here is a finite game, i.e. the main game has a pre-defined finish with a winner and a loser) which can be seen approximately as “evolution” (which can be seen as “caused-creation” in contrast to the way creation is done in the universe above this) in that each creation is the result of small changes from the state before it. Beings here work as a group to exert an influence over the direction of such changes. This universe also does not define itself as having a bottom in some ways, and it’s unending time-track is implemented by multi-threaded circularity (and there are many universes and other sub-chains parallel to this one).

This is what is pointed to approximately by such religious concepts as “eternal life”, and here is where Life really is, although life creates effects as it contacts universes lower than this. The point at which one fails to function in this universe (due to opposing things) and drops below it (by forming a personal-universe separate from the shared-space of the infinite-life-universe-playing-field) is a very significant area of aberration and is approximately pointed to by religions ideas of “fall from grace” etc.

20) Action as groups then indirect action. One joins the top area of this universe and acts as groups. When the placement of persistent opposed-flows cause one to no longer be willing to function in that way, one then drops down to use a specific mechanism which gets things done somewhat indirectly by an intention forming a structure which forms Morphic-field particles which in turn get things done. Below that is the specific structures which implement what is approximately known as “karma” which is a precise mechanism by which one is persistently linked to ones own past justified-harmful actions (this mechanism can be fully erased).

21) Action via structures. The suggested Game here is of placing fixed creations as self, which self is then Being.

22) Magick. This universe has two separate time-tracks (Playing-fields) with significant aberrations added between them, including prohibition of fully clean items and presentation of pre-set options for creation, thus forming the concept of symbolization of reality. The difference between the unfettered creation in the early half, and creation by compiling pre-set options in the later half is the real difference between the left and right “brain hemispheres”.

In this universe ones intentions are created fairly directly, which is the concept of “magick”, which can still be done in the Physical-universe although (at this late point in the game there) one is strongly encouraged to get things done by less direct methods. The suggested Game is “create” (with the creations being separate to what one is), and there is no full solidity (only dense energy-fields).

23) Physical. The Playing-field of the Physical-universe is the only “universe” that currently accepted “science” can see. The support-structures in other planes of the Physical-universe include the Magick-universe-planes which function in the same way as the Magick-universe and in which are most of the energy-body structures like chakras, meridians, etc. (see http://energy-bodies.org for more details).

The suggested Game here is “Have a Goal” (i.e. place an already-known end-point into the future and hope it manifests), and the condition is Survival. This is the first universe which forms a Playing-field from time-slices.

24) Mudd. The universe below this one, where space as we know it does not exist so everything is in contact with everything else. The suggested Game here is “continuation” (i.e. one attempts to continue existing goals, rather than making new ones) and the condition is persistence.

25) Below-Mudd. The suggested game here is enforcement, and the condition is Stop due to opposition.

26) Bottom. This universe has only two states, on or off, so in some ways illustrates the binary concept of this whole universe-chain, so one can say that the the condition of this universe is on/off (binary). The flow out the bottom of this universe bidirectionally links up to the flow into the top of the chain.