Universes, basic fundamental concepts

This chain of universes can be thought of as having been pulled apart from a single point, resulting in 2 points (top and bottom) with something else between them.

To form a Dichotomy requires outflow at Right-angles to the center between the two poles. This is the corollary of dissolving any Dichot by inputting the correct right-angle flow. To have a Flow, you have to have two points that can be defined as being “separate”.

As soon as Dichotomy becomes Polarization (i.e. more than the minimum-necessary Charge is added), decay is inevitable, because there is less than full confront, and thus the un-confronted parts are running on automatic and ones scope and size has reduced etc.

Every location in the Substrate (and universes) is defined as being unique (yet to some degree related to other locations), thus, flows are a fundamental property of the Substrate. A Dichtomy is two complimentary things that are considered to meet at a single point, so that consideration is an “added falsehood” (and can be directly processed as such).

The set of Options made available for use inside this Chain of Universes is not created from nothing, it is derived by altering and combining Options and mechanics which exist outside the Chain. Everything else within the Chain-container (including the Substrate, including the Matrix of any universe), is formed by multiple levels of further alteration and combination. Nothing inside the Chain-container is original, nor new, nor clean, nor simple, it is all alterations and combinations of other things. Thus any and all possible use of perfect, simple concepts (such as those used by all current forms of mathematics) is partial-truth and will thus not match reality well.

It could be said that the cleanest number in this chain of universes is 4, which is Dichotomy with the right-angles that are part of it. All other numbers are incomplete views of that, or combinations. For example, “2” only exists asĀ an incomplete view of 4, “1” only exists as an incomplete view of “2” and so on.

Will exists senior to the Chain, as does Awareness (although not Flow, at least not in the same way it exists inside the Chain-contained). The flow forward into creation-template, which causes it to be created, IS Will, and the back-flow of that Will is Awareness of what is thus created. The flow continues, so the creation is instantly followed by its dis-creation.

Inside the Chain-container, Outside a thing is distinct from Inside a thing (these two are not divided, outside the Chain-container).

Beingness is, fundamentally, relationship between two awarenesses, i.e. Beingness is awareness of awareness.

Creation-templates are combinations of the Options (Absolutes) specified in the Rules of the Chain. The Rules exist at both poles, outside the Substrate itself. Chains of creation-templates can be thought of as being spontaneously formed in the Substrate, created and then instantly dis-created again.

The First-Universe consists of a suggested mechanism to follow. Following the mechanism results in creating More (by making existing creations stable, so one is adding more, rather than creating/dis-creating instantaneously) and as soon as some More is done, Less is also a possibility. At any time which you are using this mechanism, the part of you which is using it is IN the universe playing-field. The Specification of the mechanism is located separately from the mechanism itself, so Will using the mechanism is not necessarily aware of the definitions specifying the mechanism, hence the possibility of automaticity, which can be seen as being due to incomplete awareness.

This chain of universes was not the first Chain, nor the last. Chains of universes can be thought of as both ways to create different types of stuff, and places to test Chain-principles (to see what the long-term results will be).

This is my current view as of 2017.