Using a Genie (aka. Djin, jin etc.)

A genius is “one who uses genie(s)”.

A genie is a type of spirit that can be used to influence reality. Like all spirits (and everything else in this chain of universes) it has two poles (an upper-pole which is bright, and a lower-pole which is dark).

The usual error these days, when attempting to use genies (as with many other areas relating to spirituality), is to try to make use of the upper-pole, while avoiding (or even suppressing) the lower pole. There are whole books on genies, by “experts” in the subject, who say this, and then comment on an “unexplained” phenomenon that they often get great results, then lose them rapidly soon after (see below for the real reason this happens).

For any genie, the upper-pole is creative in nature, and the lower pole is destructive.  The nature of a genie is that it will take actions which influence reality, and that applies to both poles.

If you give an intention to the upper-pole, and ignore the lower-pole, the default action of the lower-pole is to undo whatever the upper-pole does. If you try to suppress the lower-pole, you also suppress the upper-pole, since it is lower-poles (in general) which manifest and power the upper-poles.

The handling for this is to give the genie’s lower-pole a useful function, which makes use of its nature. For example, if the upper-pole is asked to bring new relationships into your life, then it is useful to ask the lower-pole to prevent any relationships that would be unsuitable. This gives it a clear and useful task to do, and it will do it, so that both poles work together in their different ways, according to their different natures.

It is recommended that before one attempts to find (or create) and use a genie, that one has enough “spiritual awareness” to clearly see what they are, how they work, and to fix any problems effectively (such as giving it a task that is too loosely defined and thus getting things that were not what was intended).

When one has the required “spiritual awareness”, one will be able to use the words written here as Pointers, and follow the connection-line to what I was connecting to as I wrote them, and thus be in contact with the reality of this subject.  My recommended pathway towards such awareness is given here, for anyone who wishes to do the necessary work :

Suggested approaches for how to start using Deep-Clearing and other effective technologies for your own self-development and spiritual progress etc.