Suggested approaches to self-development

There are many pathways towards what people call “self-development” and “spiritual growth” etc. This page points to how to get started with a Deep-clearing based approach, after which you’ll be able to see for yourself which other processes align with your personal aims.

The short answer :-

Learn and use EFT and Aspectika. Do a pass through The Pilot’s SelfClearing (but take two-pole end-phenomena’s on the power processes), then do multiple passes of Filbert’s Excalibur Revisited, and whenever it feels appropriate, also do the PEAT process (then once you have the necessary prerequisites, start working with the Matrix, using either Clearing tech, and/or ifa).

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The longer answer:-

The “Deep-Clearing” view of one’s condition is that various non-ideals such as trauma, “spiritual charge”, limiting decisions etc. result in limitations of awareness (because one doesn’t want to contact things that seem overwhelmingly negative and that one cannot currently handle effectively) thus one makes mistakes, has problems etc.. Thus the erasure of all such non-ideals results in correct and complete awareness, i.e. ability to fully and clearly see oneself and ones environment(s) and thus function effectively.

Thus ultimately it is not necessary to learn any theories (or use fixed-datums (such as beliefs) at all), only to erase non-ideals. This erasure of non-ideals is known as “Deep-Clearing”. (Note that a few areas of non-ideals require adding all the possibilities (rather than erasing them all, or using one to the exclusion of everything else) to be free of non-ideals, while the majority require erasure of the non-ideals and their “causes”).

We are currently in the fortunate position of having effective Deep-Clearing technology available (almost all of which can be done by most people solo with no cost) on the internet. The data on this website provides methods of clearing the full range of limitations even efficiently than standard Deep-Clearing, by use of awareness.

While some degree of data and theories is presented initiall as part of this Deep-Clearing approach, ultimately the results of processing will provide awareness itself, so one will not need anything but ones own clear awareness of all that is. Conversely, any self-development system which does not at some stage deliver a method by which one can see reality directly and thus be fully free of any of the stable data (beliefs, theories etc.) given earlier by that system, is, to some extent, leading away from genuine awareness, freedom and ability, rather than towards it.

Most of what people think of as self-development etc. is very different from Deep-Clearing, and has different aims, methods and results. Most people want someone else to fix them, rather than the Deep-Clearing approach which is someone else helping teach them how to fix themselves (or learning how to erase non-ideals oneself, from free written materials, which is possible for most people for nearly all Deep-Clearing processes).

Many self-development technologies do not provide erasure, but rather provide some kind of temporary discharging of a limited range of non-ideals. Some self-development technologies actively place barriers between the individual and their awareness of their non-ideals, which provides temporary relief but ultimately is just another layer of non-ideals which get in the way of awareness and functionality.

Some types of self-development (such as most of what is called “meditation”) focus on directly changing the state of a person. While this can result in interesting experiences, since it does not result in actual erasure of non-ideals, it makes little long-term difference to what is limiting awareness.

Some approaches to self-development work by changing the contents of the Thoughts-Mind. While this can make changes in reactivity and thus behavior, Mind, which is a model of reality, is a poor substitute for genuine awareness of reality itself (which no model can accurately represent), and (personal Thoughts-Mind) would not be used at all by a being that has done enough Deep-Clearing and thus have direct awareness of reality.

Most self-development practitioners in other areas have done little or no Deep-Clearing themselves, thus have to learn theories about what should be, instead of being able to see those areas of reality directly for themselves, and so have to use fixed approaches which never fit any unique individual perfectly. It would be better to be aware of, and work with, the somewhat unique set of aberrations of each individual.

An example of this in an area of spirituality, is Feng Shui, which is currently almost entirely done by reading about what flows of Chi “should” be present or absent due to certain features. Real Feng Shui would involve awareness of the actual flows of Chi in reality, and no book-learning would be required.

Additionally, nearly all current self-development practitioners are specialists, having knowledge of only a narrow range of what can be changed. While such practitioners can certainly help fix some things, the results are usually limited in scope, and not usually in the same direction as Deep-Clearing, as they leave the client without increased awareness (thus no long-term progress in terms of overall conditions and states for the Real-i).

Of course, it is up to the individual to choose whether they want real Deep-Clearing, temporary relief, or neither.


If anyone wants to do Deep-Clearing, while some progress can be made starting by working with body-systems (such as energy-bodies, see, the Real-i is where most of the progress needs to be made initially, until the Real-i has reliable direct awareness of the body-systems and the environment. Here is my suggestion for a typical order of processes for making progress with Deep-Clearing :-

I suggest starting by learning and using EFT ( because it is very quick and easy to learn, teaches some important principles, and can be used to decrease emotional reactions when doing other areas of clearing (although EFT is not really a clearing technology itself).

Then I recommend learning and using Zivorad’s Aspectika, (which can also be easily run on a solo basis, even though the original definition is worded for a practitioner and client), which also teaches some important principles. Use both of those for a while, learning how they work and what they can do, and making some progress using those (although not expecting them to handle everything).

After getting some obvious improvements from both EFT and Aspectika, I recommend doing a pass through the Pilot’s SelfClearing book (, which introduces a wide range of types of non-ideals in a way that is easy for beginners to understand and use. The only modifications I suggest are to make sure that you continue working with the Power Processes until you get end phenomena on both relevant poles of each process, instead of finishing when the first pole is found as it says in the book.

After a pass through SelfClearing, I recommend using Filbert’s Excalibur Revisited (it is probably best to read through the whole book first, to get some idea of the overall scope, then start at the appropriate point for your own situation). This book covers the wide range of processing necessary to erase different types of non-ideals and thus improve one’s direct awareness to any extent. If it is too challenging at first, then do another pass through SelfClearing first.

At some point one needs to process (clear) one’s own body-systems (i.e. energy-bodies, see Processing ones personal-universe (one’s personal model of reality) is a good place to start, which is what one is doing when starting Deep-Clearing work, but at some point, one needs to also process in the shared-universe too, and one’s own body-systems are a good step between the two, and also the condition of the body-systems is a significant part of what activation of non-ideals on the Real-i, so Real-i cannot be cleared fully before body-systems are cleared too.

Processing one’s body-systems will only be effective and safe once one has done enough Deep-Clearing work to have reliable direct-awareness of the body-systems and their conditions. When one has reached that stage, one will not need to follow information from others in order to continue Deep-Clearing, one will be directly aware of what needs to be done and how to do it.


Other self-development technologies and data which are of value in Deep-Clearing, include :-

The PEAT process (which starts with any “spiritual charge” and finds the most significant charged polarity behind it) which is a pre-requisite for working with the Matrix, and a valuable process in its own right (especially when combined with Gunas, or other polarity discharge processes). To find a PEAT practitioner, contact Max (, or look on Zivorad’s site for registered practitioners. PEAT is one of the very few processes that is usually not possible solo (because there is so much charge on the PP that the person’s attention will usually go unconscious, so the process will cease to run, unless the person is able to continually maintain 2 separate awarenesses throughout the process).

PNOHTEFTU (, is full of valuable data, processes and perspectives.

The Ghost Danse ( contains lots of valuable info.

Viking Remote Viewing site, ( by Edmund Meadows, contains very valuable information (mostly correct). a fascinating blog by Max.

Polar Dynamics by Max Sandor and Ed Dawson,

is an extremely valuable book on the Physical-universe-Matrix. When you buy it, join the discussion list It is probably more useful to wait until you have done the pre-requisites (including a pass through SelfClearing, as well as reliable expertise with PEAT and Gunas) before reading this book, so you can explore the reality of it for yourself safely. The Matrix (i.e. the fundamental building-blocks of the Physical-universe) can either be approached from the clearing perspective (doing the necessary prerequisites first), and/or by working with the Ifá (contact Max for this,


At some point in your progress, you may have enough awareness to find more efficient and effective ways to continue your progress, than the standard Deep-Clearing approach (as defined in Filbert’s “Excalibur Revisited”). This website provides some data to help you with use of awareness to make Deep-Clearing more efficient, and some of the data resulting from this approach, as pointers for your own investigation and use.

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