Introduction and Index.

Welcome to Awareness Based Clearing.


“Clearing” (usually called “Deep-Clearing” to distinguish from different methods that use the same word) in this context means removal of anything non-ideal which affects any aspect of ones reality.

The usual approach to Deep-Clearing is done either on a solo basis following pathways written by others, or with the help of someone who has got far enough with Deep-Clearing themselves to have good direct awareness of the non-ideals of their clients and thus guide others effectively.

However, some people will develop significant direct awareness fairly early in their progress, and this awareness can be applied to the concepts and practice of clearing itself, thus enabling dramatic increases in efficiency and effectiveness of Deep-Clearing work. This approach, and some of the data to come out of its use, is the focus of this website.

Data on this website are intended to be used as pointers to suggest areas to investigate using ones own direct-awareness (rather than things to either believe or dis-believe, both of which are non-ideal). 

See below for suggestions on using Deep-Clearing, and other effective methods, yourself.



Suggested approaches for how to start using Deep-Clearing and other effective technologies for your own self-development and spiritual progress etc.

KaBaLa attunement, experience your natural creative ability in the next universe up (a practical workshop by Chris and Max).


articles on relevant topics.


Astral-body (involved in dreaming and ghosts).


Brains, the Truine Brain System, a significant energy-body.

Chakras (the real chakra-system contains many more components than are commonly known).

Death . . . what happens to various energy-bodies (and Real-i) around the time of death. Includes info on ghosts, between-lives etc.

Energy-bodies (see my sister-site:

Genies (aka. Djins, jins etc.) and how to use them effectively.

Higher-self (access to all correct data . . . one of the most valuable facilities for advanced self-development and “spiritual growth”).

Ifá (a valuable spiritual and magick system, especially when the clean and extended version is used).

Kundalini (this page  includes 2 stages beyond what other current systems consider to be an “awakened” Kundalini).

Magick-universe Matrix (the building-blocks of the universe above this one).


Morphic-fields (the results of group interactions, which define “reality” at many levels).

Real-i (the ultimate “you”, that-which-places-spirit).

Soul (an energy-body).

Spirit (the two vectors of Spirit, and relevant energy-bodies).

Universes, general (details of this chain of universes).

Universes, basic fundamental concepts for this chain of universes.

Universes, concentric model – this chain of universes can also be viewed as a set of concentric circles.

Universe construction-times – relative times of construction of universes near this one.

Universe planes – some details of the planes etc. of this Physical-universe.

Types of non-ideals,

(and how to process them effectively):

Polarization. All non-ideals can be seen as polarization, which limits ones awareness and functionality.

Item-chains, one of the most significant types of non-ideal, having a huge effect on personality, limitations etc.

The Fall from the infinite-life-universe. One of the most significant areas of non-ideals.


Purposes. Why these are best erased.

Breaks on flows, and how to get them flowing again.

Implants, and usual mistake made when handling them.

Incidents and how to handle them effectively.

Harmful Justified Actions and their consequences. “Karma” is an approximate pointer towards the exact mechanism causing oneself to receive harmful-acts in areas where one has done them, and this can be erased.

Doubts and Maybe’s. (These are always non-ideal, as reality is what it is).

Spiritual and self-development services, by Chris and Max, many of them unique. Click here for more details.